Ceiling Mount


Arrowlinear Cont. Linear FL - Ceiling

Arrowlinear Indiv. Linear FL - Ceiling

Arrowlinear Cont. Linear LED - Ceiling

Arrowlinear Indiv. Linear LED - Ceiling

CFA Surface Cleanroom Fluorescent

CFS Surface Cleanroom

CFSLP Surface Low Profile Cleanroom

CV-LEL Recessed Ceiling Visual Therapy, LED

Circline Decorative Series

Circline Utility Series

Class Rs Surface Linear Prismatic Lens

Class Rs Surface Micro Baffle

Class Rs Surface Rectangular Perf Inlay

Class Rs Surface Round Perf Inlay

CR Series


C17032, C17042

Decorative Series

FCT Surface Confinement

FMC Full Door Corner Confinement

FMS Surface Confinement

FPS Polycarbonate Surface Ceiling

FRS Vandal Resistant Wrap Around

FS & IS Polycarbonate Ceiling

FWE Vandal Resistant Narrow Wrap

FWS Vandal Resistant, Wet Location

HUD Surface Cast Aluminum / Polycarbonate

HVL12 Vandal Resistant Architectural

HVL8 Vandal Resistant Architectural

HVL Vandal Resistant Architectural, LED

H8600, H8605


M Series

Troffer and Parabolic Options and Accessories

PMX Series

RCG Series

Residential WN Series

WE Series

Omni 66-DS

Geo 83-DS

Small Circline Decorative Series

Cricket SM, SML Series

SNF Series

SNL, SSL Series


SSF Series

SMF Series

Straight & Narrow 22DIW

Straight & Narrow 23ADIW, 23DIW

Straight & Narrow 22DS

Straight & Narrow 23DS

CRS Surface Cleanroom

H2513 Ultra Shallow Surface

VRVT2 Vapor Tite Vandal Resistant

Wall Bracket, Undercabinet Series

WN Series

Wraparound Oak Trim Series

WSC Series

FMSC Clamshell Surface Confinement

Arrowlinear Cont. Linear FL - Base

Arrowlinear Indiv. Linear FL - Base

APS-NS Series

APW-GPW Series

APW-SW Series

Eon 303 S1 Ceiling Light

FUSL Sloped Sided Confinement

FUSL LED Sloped Sided Confinement

HVSL8 / HVSL12 LED Vandal Resistant

Divide Surface LED


WNLED Series

FCC LED Corner Confinement

HVSL8 / HVSL12 Fluorescent

121-S LED Series

122-S Series

FMB Correctional Wall LED

LSM, LSWM Series

CLP LED Cleanroom

FM Series - LED Flushmounts

FCT LED Surface Confinement

CLM LED Cleanroom

SWLED Series

FR Series



FPS LED Surface, High Abuse, IP65 Rated

CWPLD - Wrap with optional Occupancy Detection

CVEN Changing Views Encounter

HVSL4 Vandal Resistant Wall / Ceiling, 4" Wide

Define Series - Surface

TR11 LED Vandal Resistant

G12 LED Vandal Resistant


FM LED Dimming Flushmounts

*LSR6B, LSSQ6B Series

*LSR4B, LSSQ4B Series

H12 12x12 Surface LED High Abuse, 10-50 Watt

SRL Sensor Enabled Lensed LED Striplight

Circline Decorative Fluorescent Square Fixture


Metalux SP - LED Panel



FCB - Fail-Safe Center Basket

FVS4 Vandal Resistant Surface 4”x4”, Wet Location Available

CFA Surface Cleanroom LED

FVS8 Vandal Resistant Wall / Ceiling, 3.75"H x 8"W


HVSL2 Harmony Vandal Resistant Steel Linear