SELA Emergency Light

The Sure-Lites Architectural emergency series (SELA) is a UL924 code compliant solution with a superior aesthetic that eliminates the traditional “bug eye” emergency look. The system features a customizable shroud that can be field painted or covered with wall treatment to allow the fixture to blend into the space. An LED source, nickel cadmium battery and self-diagnostics create 29 feet of emergency egress coverage, eliminate maintenance and reduce the labor required to perform NFPA required monthly testing. The LED heads are adjustable with a patented forward throw optic.


  • Customized appearance with aesthetic cover
  • LED Source with 29' spacing
  • UL924 code compliant
  • Field paintable polycarbonate housing
  • Nickel cadmium battery
  • Adjustable optic with forward throw
  • Labor savings self-diagnostics

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