Exit and Emergency Lighting

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Exit & Emergency Product Selection Guide

The Sure-Lites product selection guide highlights the key features for all Exits, Emergency and Remote families and simplifies the specification process.


Exit and emergency lighting is required by the United States in all commercial, industrial and architectural environments. This includes schools, offices, hospitals, shopping centers and prisons. Paths of egress must be illuminated by emergency signs and pathway lights. Emergency lights can be illuminated by using LED or incandescent technology. Exit and emergency lighting can be a key factor contributing to the overall fire safety of a building. Exit signs must be illuminated at all times, even when the building is not occupied. Specific cities and areas have additional stipulations on the kinds of emergency lights used in buildings. For example, Chicago requires that if the main source of lighting from emergency fixtures is metal halide based or mercury vapor, the sign must be illuminated until normal lighting is restored. In New York City, emergency lighting must have the word EXIT illuminated red. In addition to these differences, the type and design of the building may require a more aesthetically pleasing emergency light to compliment the space. Eaton’s Sure-Lite brand has a full line of exit and emergency lighting. Sure-Lite has solutions to fit both the specification of Chicago and New York emergency lighting code. The Sure-Lights Architectural Emergency Light is designed to blend into the surrounding space. It and many others of the Sure-Lite brand have high-powered LEDs and a maintenance-free battery.