Revio, CLV


Revio user interface combines a simple user interface, superb design, and infinite configurability. Revio has an ergonomically simple On/Off switch combined with a rotary control for raising and lowering the scene or channel/zone lighting level. Separate scene or channel/zone buttons activated by advanced capacitive touch to enable clean front surface over a standard or user defined insert. Revio is the only lighting control user interface available that allows for simple on/off raise lower control, scenes, and individual zone control within a single gang control.


  • 8 touch sensitive switches brightly illuminated with selected scene
  • Audible feedback when a switch is activated
  • Rotary control provides raise / lower function
  • Illuminated On/ Off switch situated in the middle of rotary control
  • Flash memory for future proof upgradeability
  • Variable fade times programmable from 0.1 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Built-in infrared receiver with learnable remote codes
  • Withstands 12kV electro-static discharge without damage or memory loss