Ineo, CLS


Ineo is the specification grade range of wallstations that combine the easiest user interface in the industry with a large circular On/Off button, a universal module with several button configurations, large or small button options, and engraving. Designed to fit with standard decorator wallplates, Ineo wallstations can be ganged together to meet specific project needs. Individual buttons have backlight indicator lights and strong tactile feedback. Ineo is the clean, elegant, and simple way to control lighting on your project.


  • Choice of large or small button caps
  • Wide range of derivatives for scene, raise, lower and On/Off functions
  • Suitable for standard single and multi-gang
  • Variable fade times programmable from 0.1 seconds to 60 minutes
  • Built-in infrared receiver with learnable remote codes
  • Standard wallstation templates can be selected for easy configuration
  • Individual buttons can be configured to perform a variety of functions
  • Withstands 12kV electro-static discharge without damage or memory loss