The ArchiDMX is a completely self contained device that can control virtually any standard DMX device such as RGB fixtures, moving lights, dimmers, and effects. The ArchiDMX has preset, scene, and show playback features as well as wireless networking and IR remote control options. ArchiDMX can be programmed by either the ArchiDMX Studio Software or IR Remote. Utilizing the 2.4GHz wireless option further expedites commissioning as well as allows for linking of multiple stations. Suitable for standard single and multi-gang NEMA wall box with decorator style wallplate.


  • Control virtually any standard DMX device
  • Individual buttons have RGB backlight indicator lights
  • Buttons give strong tactile feedback
  • Individual buttons can be configured to perform a variety of functions
  • Flash memory for future proof upgradeability
  • Variable fade times programmable from .01 seconds to 24 hours
  • Built-in infrared receiver with learnable remote codes
  • Network Communication via DMX