iCANview Remote Scene Control Software


ICANview Remote Scene Control Software (iCANview-SC) is ideal for supervisory offices and control rooms where general staff may be required to operate pre-programmed lighting scenes within selected areas on an iLumin iCAN lighting network. Uses a graphical layout – presentation is based on simple user supplied icons or pictures of the installation (jpg or bitmap) for easy navigation of layers. Used for recall and running of pre-programmed lighting scenes by area. Each solution is custom created using the iCANsoft program database for each site specific application and may include multiple layers and pictures overlaid with scene selection buttons.


  • Simple intuitive operation ideal for general staff
  • Clear navigation and labeling
  • Fast scene selection and replay by area
  • Adjustable fade times for scenes
  • Customized visual presentation based on JPG or Bitmap images
  • Locked for authorized users only