5- iCANnet-Ethernet Gateway, EG2-NA


The Ethernet Gateway provides a connection between an iLumin lighting control network and an Ethernet Local Area Network, either through an Ethernet switch or wireless router. The EG2-NA acts as a host for the iLumin series of remote applications including iOS (iPhone®/iPod touch®/iPad®). Coupling the EG2-NA to a Wi-Fi network enables secure scene control, visual feedback and modification from your hand held device. Once configured, the EG2-NA automatically loads room and scene information to the connected hand held device. In addition to its handheld device capability, the EG2-NA houses internal webserver pages that allow for basic scene control functions. These internal pages are accessed through an internet browser and are password protected for security. The EG2-NA also facilitates the commissioning of the iLumin system, allowing our factory trained technicians to use the EG2-NA connection to configure the iLumin system using iCANsoft on a LAN or Wi-Fi enabled PC or via the internet rather than by connecting directly into the iLumin network.


  • Connects iLumin CAN network to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet/LAN
  • Facilitates internet and Wi-Fi LAN connection into the iLumin network
  • Integral web server
  • Supports iLumin applications via mobile devices
  • Supports ASCII control strings
  • 16 sequences, each with a maximum of 128 actions
  • Status LEDs

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