3- Switched Relay Controller, SC-RP


The Switched Relay Controllers (SC-RP) provide control of up to 48 relays per panel with discrete inputs for occupancy sensors and other input devices. The LCD user interface and keypad permit programming and monitoring for complete system control and integration. The SC-RP family can be networked with other iLumin Source Controllers to provide both architectural and non-dimmed control. Each panel has on board Ethernet, A/V interface, and DMX interface for complete system integration and supports up to 24, 0-10V dimming outputs. Each output provides real-time Power Metering data available from both the LCD user interface and the Ethernet port.


  • Capable of mixed load voltages (120/277/347 VAC)
  • Capable of mixed sources (normal and emergency power)
  • Manual control of individual relays
  • Programming stored in non-volatile memory
  • Individually replaceable relays with arc suppression technology
  • 30 Amp relays are used on all 20A relay cards to extend relay life
  • An LCD graphical user interface and keypad
  • RoHS compliant