Relay Interface, RI-2-NA


The Relay Interface (RI-2-NA) provides a very versatile interface between an iCANnet system and other control systems. This interface allows the iCANnetâ„¢ network to control other systems and other systems to communicate with the iCANnetâ„¢ network. The unit is fully configurable and may be programmed to perform many functions, including curtain or blind control, the control of screens, A/V, and other presentation equipment or controlling contactors for heavier power applications. With the control inputs set to analog mode, 0-10V sources can be programmed to control system functions from rotary and linear variable resistors. The unit could also be programmed such that system sequences could be activated by a motion detector or any other device on the iCANnet network. The adaptability and versatility of this product make it an essential item in larger, more sophisticated venues where more than just lighting control is required.


  • 8 relay outputs – volt free changeover contacts
  • 8 inputs, programmable as analog or digital
  • Digital inputs used for volt free switches, or motion sensors
  • Analog inputs accept 0-10v signal
  • 8 Digital outputs, for LED indication or control
  • RS485 connection allows for control by third party systems
  • EEprom program and sequence memory
  • Future proof with FLASH memory