DMX Output Interface, SCD96-NA


The DMX Output Interface (SCD96-NA) can control virtually any standard DMX device such as RGB fixtures, moving lights, dimmers, and effects. This unit provides DMX output that tracks 96 channels in the iCANnet system. It also provides eight volt-free mains rated low power relays and eight digital outputs which can be used to control the power to the DMX sources or control channels in their own right. These allow lighting sources that use DMX as the control signal to be used as part of the iCANnet system. This compact unit can be mounted virtually anywhere. As well as the essential connections to the iCANnet network, there are also terminals provided for connection to an RS485 system.


  • DMX output of 96 channels
  • 8 relay outputs – volt free changeover contacts
  • 8 inputs, programmable as analog or digital
  • Digital inputs used for volt free switches, or motion sensors
  • Analog inputs accept 0-10v signal
  • Analog inputs accept 0-10v signal
  • RS485 connection allows for control by third party systems (BMS, A/V)
  • Allows control through the use of open protocol ASCII message commands
  • EEprom program and sequence memory