4- WaveLinx Mobile App

The WaveLinx Mobile App from Eaton enables users to perform setup, configuration and maintenance of the WaveLinx system from a wireless smartphone or tablet. The WaveLinx Mobile App simplifies setup and configuration of the WaveLinx Wireless Connected Lighting (WCL) system, utilizing our patent pending automatic code commissioning features. It allows users who perform the setup to easily define Areas of the building and drag and drop compatible WaveLinx wireless devices into lighting zones in each area. The automatic code commissioning feature automatically applies a code compliant sequence of operations to each WaveLinx device as they are dropped into a lighting zone in an area. It also allows a user performing setup to make site specific energy code compliant adjustments to the automatic code commissioning settings. Provides power measurement reporting.


  • Out of the box functionality with Automatic code commissioning
  • Drag and drop programming via WaveLinx Mobile App
  • Occupancy grouping and configuration settings by area
  • Daylight zone configuration for each luminaire or daylight sensor
  • Hub for setup, configuration, troubleshooting, and personal control
  • Supports multiple users as well as administrator and user roles
  • Drag and drop programming of lighting zones and areas
  • Supports overrides for Demand Response