Low-Voltage Power Module


At the heart of Eaton's Distributed Low-Voltage Power System is the low-voltage power module which converts line voltage alternating current to multiple Class 2 low-voltage circuits to power and control LED light fixtures. The power module is a passively cooled and plenum rated device designed to be mounted above ceilings in indoor commercial spaces. Available in two power levels, the power module makes installation of an energy code compliant LED lighting and control system fast and simple resulting in installed system cost savings. Centralized system trim for comfort and energy savings.


  • Supports up to three manual control zones
  • Plenum rated and passively cooled
  • Integrated pass-thru Class 1 wiring compartment
  • Demand response, time clock, and alert mode integration
  • Simple DIP switch configuration
  • Over 2000 sq ft of LED lighting and controls from single power module
  • Expandable coverage areas by connecting multiple power modules
  • Supports integrated or external sensors
  • Centralized maintenance and configuration