Server – Virtual Central Manager


The Fifth Light Virtual Central Manager is an virtualization-ready application tested and certified for a virtual environment powered by VMWare® software. The virtualization-ready application consists of the lighting management software application and the required operating system to run the application. In today’s economy, facility managers must find ways to do more with less, which means reducing operating costs while maintaining the building’s systems. The Fifth Light Virtual Central Manager provides the following benefits. Reducing Hardware Cost – With the Virtual Central Manager, there is no need for dedicated hardware to run the Central Manager. Facility and Utility Cost – In addition to removing the need for dedicated computer hardware, the Virtual Central Manager also reduces the space, power and maintenance required to run the lighting control system. System Availability – The Virtual Central Manager allows users to update their OS, applications and hardware without having to worry about disrupting daily building operations or having hardware/software compatibility issues.


  • Reduces Hardware Cost
  • Reduces Facility and Utility Cost
  • Provides a Higher System Availability

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