ConnectWorks Connected Lighting System

Eaton’s ConnectWorks Connected Lighting System powered by CIMCON provides cities, utilities, departments of transportation and universities with simple, easy-to-manage, interactive solutions for outdoor street, roadway and utility lighting applications. End-users gain the ability to monitor and control their lighting infrastructure in real-time, while creating a scalable wireless ecosystem that can integrate with other smart grid platforms and key city services. The connected lighting solution features a 7-pin ANSI C136.41 compatible “plug-and-play” wireless controller when integrated with an Eaton luminaire to provide intelligent ON/OFF switching, dimming control, GPS capabilities, utility-grade power metering, analog and digital sensor capabilities and real-time status and health monitoring of all lighting assets. The ConnectWorks web-based software offers an intuitive, interactive map view of all luminaires in a system, allowing maintenance teams to quickly zoom to one fixture and access streetlight status in one click. The software facilitates a complete asset management solution, allowing cities and end-users to schedule, diagnose and manage streetlights from anywhere at any time.


  • Utilizes 7pin ANSI C136.41 compatible plug-n-play wireless controllers
  • Incorporates a 2.4GHz Zigbee wireless radio
  • Photocell included in every wireless controller (excluding 480V model)
  • Can operate up to distances of 5,000 feet line-of-sight
  • Optional GPS capability and tilt detection available
  • Power metering accurate to 2.0% standard, 0.5% optional
  • Access using web-based central management & controls software
  • Software utilizes Google Map view for easy access and status updates
  • Provides remote monitoring, control and scheduling 24/7 of all assets