ETH Series Explosionproof Horn Signals


ETH Horn Signals are used:

  • For call signals, alarms, and various other signaling applications
  • In specific hazardous atmospheres as found in chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, bulk loading stations, paint and varnish manufacturing, and grain processing industries
  • In conduit systems and mounted on a flat surface with the projectors aimed in the desired direction
Nominal Voltages 24; 115; 230 VAC; 24VDC
Nominal Wattages 33W; 49W; 30W
Minimum Audibility Rating (dB) at 10' 105 or 100
Hub Sizes 1/2" or 3/4"
Standard Material Copper-free aluminum
Standard Finish Natural


  • No external conduit seal is required
  • The AC signals do not have arcing contacts
  • The DC horns have factory sealed wire leads in the interconnecting nipple and hub
  • The body cover joint of AC horn signals is of serrated construction, machined to close tolerance to ensure flametightness and secured by a clamping ring; the DC unit has a ground joint design