Quick-connect Safety Switches

Quick-Connect double-throw and single-throw switches provide a safe and quick means of connecting portable generators to facilities, and for transferring the building to backup power.

Voltage Rating Up to 600 VDC
Amperage Rating Up to 800A
Environmental Rating NEMA 3R
Switch Type Fused; non-fused; fusible solid neutral; fusible switched neutral
Receptacle Type Cam-Lok; Posi-Lok
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  • Double-throw and single-throw safety switches provide isolation from the utility source
  • Quick-connect safety switches prevent paralleled connections
  • Interlocked cabinet prevents the exposure of live terminals
  • Cam-Lok connection is the industry standard for intermatability of single pole portable power
  • UL Listed File No. E5239 (Vol. 6, Section 19) up to 800 amps
  • Meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code, including the requirements 110.3(B) that the product is listed and found
    suitable for a specified purpose (in this case, for use with portable power generators)