PowerMate™ Drilling Pin and Sleeve Connectors

The PowerMate™ offering supports modularity of drilling rig systems by providing safe and reliable power connections for rigging up and rigging down equipment quickly and efficiently.

PowerMate Plugs, Receptacles, and Connectors are used on SCR/VFD houses to provide power to rig equipment such as shakers, agitators, lighting circuits, mud pumps, motors, etc.

This offering is the ideal rig power connection solution providing longer product life, reduced maintenance, enhanced safety and easy installation.

The PowerMate product offering is also interchangeable with all UL1686 Listed plugs and receptacles, including Eaton's Crouse-Hinds Arktite®, Appleton Powertite®, and Killark VersaMate®.

Amperages 30A; 60A; 100A; 150A; 200A
Style Style 1 or Style 2
Configuration Style 1: 2W 2P, 3W 3P, 4W 4P; Style 2: 2W 3P, 3W 4P
Receptacle Housing, Plug, and Cord Connector Body Material High impact strength copper-free aluminum with epoxy powder coat
Back Box Material Cast aluminum
Reverse Contacts Optional
Special Polarity Optional


  • Lockout Plug (Patent Pending) - OSHA compliant lockout/tagout guarantees plug cannot be inserted into receptacle when maintenance is being performed downstream of power supply.
  • Fixed Safety Insulator (Patent Pending) - Plastic barrier between insulator body and metal housing prevents electrical shock and shorts.  Fixed-in-place design ensures insulator will not be lost or discarded during cable termination process.
  • 8-Point Diamond Cable Clamps (Patent Pending) - Eight points of contact around diameter of cable for increased grip and even distribution of pressure ensures cable jacket does not get pinched, eliminating potential for damage to internal conductors.
  • Split Pin Contact Design - Provides nearly 360° of contact at every insertion, ensuring protection against heat rise and eliminating arcing on critical surfaces.
  • Extended Cable Range - Offers the industry’s largest cable diameter range and is specifically designed, third party tested, and certified for use with Type P cable.  Ceiling system utilizes industry standard bushings.
  • Enhanced Nomenclature and Nameplate - Mechanically attached nameplate increases ease of part configuration identification and ensures critical information is permanently fixed to product.
  • Spring and Threaded Cover - Each receptacle comes with both spring cap and threaded cap to provide a variety of cover options.
  • Combination Drive Stainless Steel Hardware - Stainless steel external hardware eliminates corrosion on critical components and extends product life and allows for more than one option for installation tools.
  • Handle Body - Thick epoxy powder coating (standard finish on PowerMate products) reduces corrosion and increases life of product.  Industry standard profile increases ease of plugging and unplugging.
  • Combination Slot and Hex Mechanical Lugs - Hex head allows for easy achievement of specified torque value and increases ease of installation by allowing for more than one option for installation tools (60, 100, 150, and 200A offering).
  • Insulator Assemblies - Unimpeded, easy-access phase and ground terminals make wire termination quick and easy.