Macey® 25kV Coupling System

Macey® 25kV coupling systems are used to supply power to draglines, longwall machines, cranes and other types of equipment.

Electrical Ratings 25kV; 700 amp; three-phase
AC Withstand 50kV for 1 minute; 40kV for 6 hours
Short Circuit 25kA for 0.3 seconds (3 tests, 2 10-minute intervals)
Basic Impulse Level 125kV B.I.L.
Earth Through Fault 8kA for 0.2 seconds (3 tests, 2 10-minute intervals)
Heat Rise 700 amps after 100 cycle contact pre-conditions at 45k over ambient and no more than 10k over the conductor
Housing, Adapter and Covers Material Aluminum
Contacts and Wire Stems Material Silver-plated copper


  • No special installation tools needed
  • Smaller footprint and reduced weight versus the competition
  • Intermatable with other manufacturers' couplers
  • Accommodates a wide range of cable types with entrance fittings, including fiber optic
  • Retained bolting system
  • Low insertion force/high current design
  • Total air displacement – no potting of rear body termination point
  • Slip-on stress cone termination module with compression type wire stems eliminates heat or cold shrinking (tyco) sleeves
  • Fully shielded phase compartment eliminates phase to phase faults
  • Louvered contact banding for: higher current capacity; lower contact pressure; improved short circuit performance
  • No altitude de-rating required
  • Slip-on stress cone termination module eliminates strain on contact restraining clip
  • Lockout/tagout feature
  • Four week lead time on standard configuration