Arktite® WSRD Series Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Disconnect Switches

Arktite® WSRD Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Disconnect Switches are:

  • Used as a service outlet for portable or fixed electrical equipment – generators, compressors, welders, etc.
  • Designed for use in non-hazardous areas where dust, moisture, and corrosion may be a problem
  • Designed for flush or surface mounting
  • A fusible type switch, when used, also provides short circuit protection
Amperages 30; 60; 100A
Styles Style 1 or Style 2
Configurations Style 1: 3W 3P Fusible or 3W 3P Non-fusible; Style 2: 3W 4P Fusible or 3W 4P Non-fusible
Conduit Opening Sizes 1"; 1 1/4"; 1 1/2"
Voltages 240VAC, 250VDC or 600VAC
Horsepower 7 1/2 to 75 HP
Enclosure Material Sheet steel
Operating Handle Material Sheet steel


  • Switches are NEMA type HD heavy duty 3-pole, with visible blades; a quick make-and-break mechanism with reinforced, positive pressure type blade and jaw construction; fusible types have fuse clips with steel reinforcing springs of positive pressure type; pressure connectors are used for wire connectors
  • For maximum safety, the spring door receptacle at the bottom of the unit is mechanically interlocked with the switch operating mechanism; the switch cannot be closed until the plug is fully inserted and the plug cannot be withdrawn or inserted unless the switch is open; with the switch open, accidental plug withdrawal is prevented by the interlock mechanism; withdrawal can only be accomplished by activation of the interlock release lever located on the receptacle
  • Enclosures are compact and rectangular in shape with a gasketed, hinged door
  • Enclosure, handle and other exterior parts are corrosion-resistant
  • The switch enclosure covers are interlocked with the body and operating mechanism and cannot be opened when the plug is engaged and the switch is closed ("ON"). When the switch is open, the switch cannot be put in a closed ("ON") position with the door open.