Arktite® WSR Series Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Disconnect Switches

Arktite® WSR Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Disconnect Switches are:

  • Used as a service outlet for portable or fixed electrical equipment – generators, compressors, welders, etc.
  • Designed for use in non-hazardous areas where dust, moisture, and corrosion may be a problem
  • Designed for flush or surface mounting
  • A fusible type switch, when used, also provides short circuit protection
Amperages 30; 60; 100A
Styles Style 1 or Style 2
Configurations Style 1: 3W 3P Fusible or 3W 3P Non-fusible; Style 2: 3W 4P Fusible or 3W 4P Non-fusible
Conduit Opening Sizes 1"; 1 1/4"; 1 1/2"
Voltages 240VAC, 250VDC or 600VAC
Horsepower 7 1/2 to 75 HP
Enclosure Material Copper-free aluminum
Operating Handle Material Copper-free aluminum


  • Mounting lugs may be rotated 90° or moved to the vertical centerline portion for pole mounting
  • Side hinged covers are retained in a closed position by compression spring draw-pull catches, which permit the opening or closing of the cover without tools
  • The switch operating handle may be padlocked in the "ON" or "OFF" position, thereby preventing unauthorized operation of the switch and/or opening of the enclosure; up to three padlocks may be used; in addition, a unique hinge arrangement has been devised to allow the door of the unit to be padlocked; this feature allows operation while preventing unqualified or unauthorized entry