Arktite® Welder Series

Interlocked power modules are ideal for the harsh, heavy duty environments of welding applications.  The Welder Series Power Module is a unique patented design that employs a mechanical interlock linkage system that interfaces with the power receptacle and the built-in circuit breaker.  It is ideal for protecting the safety of your personnel and your valuable welding equipment.  Applications include:

  • Ship building yards
  • Ports
  • Offshore platform fabrication yards
  • Test stations at remote sites
  • Military heavy equipment manufacturing
Amperages 30, 60, 100, 200A
Frame, On/Off Rod, Interlock Mechanism, Fastener Material Stainless steel
Receptacle Housing Material Die cast aluminum or Krydon®
Power Contact Material Naval brass
Receptacle Insulator Material Krydon


  • Mechanically interlocked to prevent insertion or withdrawal of plug under load
  • Circuit breaker protected
  • Stainless steel and die cast construction provides durability and corrosion resistance
  • Flanged design for easy panel mounting and flexibility of power stand design
  • Arktite® receptacle accepts existing Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series Arktite die cast and Krydon® plugs of the same rating and configuration