Arktite® NSR Series Non-metallic Interlocked Receptacles with Enclosed Disconnect Switches

Arktite® NSR Interlocked Receptacles with Disconnect Switches are used:

  • To provide a power disconnect for fixed or portable electrical equipment such as welders, generators and compressors where the switch will be subject to frequent operation
  • To provide short circuit protection when a fusible switch is needed
  • In non-hazardous areas where corrosion, dust, hose down and moisture may be a problem
Amperages 30; 60; 100A
Fusing Fusible or non-fusible
Conduit Opening Sizes 3/4"; 1 1/4"; 2"
Styles Style 1 or Style 2
Configurations 3W 3P or 3W 4P
Voltages 240VAC/250VDC or 600VAC/250VDC
Receptacle Housing Material Copper-free aluminum
Plug and Receptacle Insulator Material Krydon®


  • Enclosures are made of Krydon® high impact strength fiberglass-reinforced polyester material having excellent resistance to corrosion and heat
  • Switches are NEMA type HD heavy duty 3-pole, enclosed blade; a quick make-and-break mechanism with reinforced, positive pressure type blade and jaw construction; fusible switches have fuse clips with steel reinforcing springs
  • For maximum safety, the spring door receptacle at the bottom is mechanically interlocked with the switch operating mechanism; the switch cannot be closed until the plug is fully inserted and the plug cannot be withdrawn unless the switch is open
  • Switch enclosure access door is mechanically interlocked with switch and cannot be opened unless switch operator is in "OFF" position
  • Enclosure has hinged access door for easy wiring and maintenance; three screws, located behind access door in door frame, prevent disassembly when door is locked
  • Receptacle has self-closing spring door assembly to provide environmental protection
  • Mounting feet may be rotated 90° to horizontal or vertical mounting positions
  • Switch operating handle may be padlocked in the "OFF" position, preventing unauthorized operation of the switch