SRD Series Explosionproof Interlocked Receptacles with Factory Sealed Switch

SRD Interlocked Receptacles are used:

  • To supply power to portable electrical equipment such as motor-generator sets, compressors, heating and cooling units, lighting systems, and conveyors
  • In areas which are hazardous due to the presence of flammable vapors or gases and combustible dusts
  • At petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, grain processing and handling facilities
Amperages 30 or 60A
Configurations 2W 3P; 3W 4P; 4W 5P
Cable Diameters 0.500-0.875; 0.875-1.375; 1.375-1.875
Voltage 480VAC
Receptacle Housing and Plug Exterior Material Copper-free aluminum
Back Box Material Feraloy® iron alloy
Threaded Cover Material Copper-free aluminum
Insulation Material High impact glass filled phenolic


  • Feature a built-in rotary switch that operates automatically when the plug is inserted and withdrawn; the switch, capable of making and breaking the circuit at full rated load, is operated by a helical blade in the center of the plug
  • The plug and receptacle contacts cannot be made or broken under load; when the plug is inserted, the plug and receptacle contacts engage before the switch closes; when the plug is withdrawn, the switch opens before the plug and receptacle contacts disengage; this sequence of operation provides the maximum safety of a dead front receptacle; arcing is isolated in a flametight and dusttight chamber
  • Operation is simple, safe and positive; to disconnect the portable device, the plug is simply pulled straight out; no separate interlock device or operating handle need be actuated
  • Positive engagement without mismating is assured by a distinct physical polarization of plug and receptacle in every rating
  • Plugs are furnished with pressure terminations; receptacles are furnished with flexible leads for splicing to the supply conductors; a threaded cover at the top provides access to the wiring compartment
  • Back box is provided with 1 1/4" vertical through feed hubs