Arktite® EPCB Series Explosionproof Interlocked Receptacles with Circuit Breakers


Arktite® EPCB Interlocked Receptacles are:

  • Designed for use as a service outlet for portable equipment; the circuit breaker provides overcurrent and short circuit protection
  • Designed for use in damp, wet and corrosive locations, in areas which are hazardous due to flammable vapors, gases or combustible dust (e.g. refineries and chemical plants)
Amperages 30; 60; 100A (Receptacles); 100A (Circuit Breakers)
Style Style 2
Configurations 2W 3P or 3W 4P
Voltages 600VAC or 250VDC
Hub Size 1 1/4"
Body, Cover, and Receptacle Housing Material Copper-free aluminum
Operating Handle Material Copper-free aluminum
Operating Shaft Material Stainless steel


  • Spring door receptacle located at the bottom is mechanically interlocked with the circuit breaker operating mechanism for maximum safety; plug and receptacle contacts cannot be made or broken under load; the circuit breaker cannot be closed until the plug is fully inserted and the plug cannot be withdrawn unless the breaker is open
  • Operating handles can be padlocked in either "ON" or "OFF" positions; breakers are trip-free of the handles and will open under short circuit or overload even if the handle is locked in the "ON" position
  • Quick installation and leveling is provided by the three-point mounting arrangement having one keyhole slot at top and two open slots at bottom
  • Bodies have four 1 1/4" taper tapped conduit hubs with integral bushings; two are located at top and two directly below
  • When installing, seals suitable for Class I, Group B hazardous areas must be located within 1 1/2" of each conduit opening