Arktite® NPJ, NPQ, NPR, NR and NRE Series 30A-100A Non-metallic Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors

Arktite® circuit breaking plugs, receptacles, cord connectors and motor plugs are used:

  • To supply power to portable electrical devices such as welders, motors, pumps, conveyors and other similar equipment
  • Where electrical loads must be quickly disconnected from power sources
  • In non-hazardous areas of chemical plants, sewage treatment facilities, cement plants, pulp and paper, food processing
Amperages 30; 60; 100A
Configurations 2W 3P or 3W 4P
Hub Sizes 3/4"; 1"; 1 1/4"; 1 1/2"; 2" (Receptacle with Back Box)
Cord Diameters 0.55-0.70; 0.70-0.85; 0.75-1.07; 1.07-1.35; 0.93-1.21; 1.21-1.50 (Receptacle)
Voltage 600VAC/250VDC, 50-400 Hz
Housing Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Back Box Material Copper-free aluminum
Contact Material Pressure - brass; Crimp/solder - leaded brass


  • Plugs, receptacles, cord connectors, and motor plugs are molded of Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester material which is highly resistant to corrosion, heat, weathering and physical abuse
  • Grounding contacts that make-first and break-last in the unlikely event of a keyway failure
  • Split-pin contact design provides 360° of electrical contact
  • Spring door provides environmental protection of receptacle (NEMA 4)
  • Keyed for a perfect match in the molded one-piece insulator housing
  • Sealing gaskets at all critical points inside Arktite plugs and receptacles protect against dust, dirt, mud, water and corrosive contaminants
  • Plugs can be used in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas when used with appropriately rated Arktite receptacles
  • Total interchangeability with all existing Arktite products for comparable ratings and configurations
  • A unique patented strain relief design prevents stress from reaching wire terminations at the contacts