Arktite® APJ, APR, AR and AREA Series 100A Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors

Arktite® plugs and receptacles are used:

  • To supply power to portable electrically operated devices such as motor-generator sets, compressors, heating and cooling units, welders, conveyors, lighting systems and similar equipment
  • Where temporary power is needed, such as at trailers, building units, heavy machinery
  • Wherever electrical loads must be quickly disconnected from power source
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IF Number Description
IF 352 Revision 1 Model M72 Arktite Plugs and Receptacles
IF 373 Revision 1 Arktite® Model M72 Crimp Contacts
IF 1229 Revision 10
Arktite® Plugs and Receptacles - Model M4
IF 1278 Revision 2
Configured Arktite® Plugs & Receptacles - Voltage Polarized
IF 1295 Revision 1 Arktite® APR Cord Connectors 30, 60, 100 Amps
IF 1303 Revision 2
Configured Arktite® Motor Plugs & Cable Connectors - Voltage Polarized