Arktite® APJ, APR, AR and AREA Series 100A Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors

Arktite® plugs and receptacles are used:

  • To supply power to portable electrically operated devices such as motor-generator sets, compressors, heating and cooling units, welders, conveyors, lighting systems and similar equipment
  • Where temporary power is needed, such as at trailers, building units, heavy machinery
  • Wherever electrical loads must be quickly disconnected from power source
Styles Style 1 or Style 2
Configurations Style 1: 2W 2P, 3W 3P, 4W 4P; Style 2: 2W 3P, 3W 4P
Cable Diameter 0.875-1.70 (Plug)
Hub Sizes 1 1/4"; 1 1/2"; 2" (Receptacle with Back Box)
Voltage 600VAC/250VDC, 50-400 Hz
Receptacle Housing, Plug and Cord Connector Body Material High impact strength copper-free aluminum
Back Box Material Cast aluminum
Reversed Contacts Optional


  • Circuit breaking: plugs through 100 ampere rating may be disconnected under load; 150-400 ampere units are for service disconnect use only
  • Receptacles accept only plugs of the same amperage rating, style and number of poles, making it impossible to mismate, and provides for positive polarization
  • Extra wide electrical spacing allows for maximum safety
  • Insulator materials are the result of intensive testing; selection has been made based on highest dielectric strength, maximum mechanical and impact resistance, lowest moisture absorption and highest arc tracking resistance
  • A variety of installations is possible due to the availability of several types of back boxes
  • Designed to withstand rough usage and the effects of adverse environments
  • Reversible interiors, 30, 60 and 100 ampere (except 30 and 60 ampere, 5-pole) Arktite plug and receptacle interiors are interchangeable using a screwdriver; this makes it possible to feed a normally de-energized receptacle from an energized plug with usual Arktite safety; no energized contacts are exposed