Ark•Gard® Portable ENR-GFCI Assemblies

Portable ENR-GFCI Assemblies are used:

  • To interrupt a circuit when ground fault is detected on portable equipment which may be handled by personnel in hazardous locations
  • With electrical equipment such as portable hazardous-rated hand lamps
Amperage 20A
Voltage 125 VAC
Ground Trip Current 5mA
LED Pilot Light Colors Red or green
Receptacle Housing and Plug Body Material Die cast copper-free aluminum
GFS Cover Material Sand cast copper-free aluminum
Interior Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester


  • Provides earth leakage protection to maximize safety of plant personnel
  • Solution to OSHA's requirements for GFCI protection when using portable equipment in hazardous locations
  • Available with either a red or green LED indicator light to provide indication that the receptacle is energized and ready for use
  • Assemblies still consist of the same high quality components that make up the industry-leading ArkGard® series