Ark•Gard® ENR-GFCI Kits

ENR-GFCI Kits are used:

  • To interrupt a circuit when ground fault is detected on equipment which may be handled by personnel in hazardous locations
  • With portable electrical equipment such as tools, lighting systems, compressors and similar devices for personnel protection
  • In branch circuits of 15 to 20 amperes at 125 VAC
Amperages 15 or 20A
Voltage 125V
Types Dead end or through feed
Hub Sizes 1/2"; 3/4"; 1"
Receptacle Housing and Plug Body Material Die cast copper-free aluminum
GFS Cover Material Sand cast copper-free aluminum
Interior Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester


  • Allows for a single part number to be specified, ordered and delivered on-site, significantly reducing the cost of order processing, material handling and misplacement of materials
  • Components meet all UL and CSA requirements for ground fault protection in hazardous locations
  • Includes all of the value added features of the ENR receptacle
  • The GFCI protects personnel against possible injury due to unwanted ground faults; meets requirements for personnel protection as defined in the National Electrical Code®
  • Field installation is accomplished with standard tools