GH Series Hazardous, Heavy Duty IEC 60309 Devices

GH Series Hazardous, Heavy Duty IEC 60309 Devices are used:

  • Where hazardous gases may be present
  • In areas prone to dust, dirt, vibration, hard use, and abuse
  • In locations where complete protection against water jets and even temporary flooding is required
  • In corrosive environments caused by chemicals, atmospheres, and water
  • Chemical plants, mining, drilling, steel/grain/flour mills
Amperages 16; 20; 30; 32; 60; 63; 100; 125A
Configurations 2W 3P; 3W 4P; 4W 5P
Products Interlock receptacle; plug
Enclosure Material Type 12 nylon
Plug Body Material Fiber-reinforced nylon
Hardware Material Stainless steel
Contact Material Brass


  • Mechanically interlocked plug and receptacle - plug cannot be engaged or disengaged under load
  • Simple "insert plug and twist" design to activate internal switch
  • Self-cleaning multi-lam contacts provide reliable power connection
  • Compact size, easy to handle and install
  • OSHA lockout/tagout
  • Dual bottom entry Zone 1 Myers™ Hubs
  • Full wiring access, saves time and money
  • VØ rated materials