Pauluhn™ Meridian FCM Marine Interior

For use in:

  • Surface mount cornice applications and under cabinet mounting
  • Marine interiors, including corridors, passageways and stairwells
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Catalog Series Description
FCM117_1503.ies FCM117 17W CORNICE
FCM118_1504.ies FCM118 18W CORNICE
FCM120_1504.ies FCM120 20W CORNICE
FCM124_2351.ies FCM124 24W T5 CORNICE
FCM132_1490.ies FCM132 32W CORNICE
FCM136_1491.ies FCM136 36W CORNICE
FCM140_1489.ies FCM140 40W CORNICE
FCM154_2348.ies FCM154 54W T5 CORNICE
FCM217_1502.ies FCM217 2X17W CORNICE
FCM218_1503.ies FCM218 2X18W CORNICE
FCM220_1493.ies FCM220 2X20W CORNICE
FCM224_2350.ies FCM224 2X24W T5 CORNICE
FCM232_1492.ies FCM232 2X32W CORNICE
FCM236_1493.ies FCM236 2X36W CORNICE
FCM240_1491.ies FCM240 2X40W CORNICE
FCM254_2349.ies FCM254 2X54W T5 CORNICE