Light-Pak™ LED N2LPS Emergency Lighting System

LED N2LPS Light-Pak™ Emergency Lighting Systems are used:

  • To provide reliable illumination for egress areas during failure or interruption of power to the normal lighting system
  • To illuminate machinery or panels during a loss of AC power
  • Where moisture, dirt, dust or corrosion will limit the life and reliability of ordinary emergency lighting systems
Power Supply Input: 120, 220, 230, 240, or 277 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, 9 watts max.; Output: 18 watts max. at 12 VDC
Luminaire Heads Voltage: 12 VDC; Lamp: 3 Watt LED; Total Lumen Output: 80
Number of LED Lamp Assemblies Up to 4 for N2LPS12222 or up to 6 for N2LPS12220
Housing Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
LED Lamp Head Assembly Material Epoxy powder coated stainless steel
Exterior Hardware Material Nylon, plastic coated, and stainless steel
Cover Gasket Material Hypalon® synthetic rubber


  • Compact, factory-assembled luminaire featuring LED lamps for improved lumen performance, on-time, and lamp life
  • Non-metallic, enclosed and gasketed housing provides corrosion protection in the most extreme environments
  • Durable and marine rated LED lamp head assemblies provide protection against water ingress, corrosion and impact
  • High temperature rated nickel cadmium battery for reliable operation up to 55°C ambient
  • Solid state battery charger for long life and reliable battery operation prevents deep discharge by automatically disconnecting the battery from the luminaire
  • Factory installed "push-to-test" button
  • Self-test, monitoring and diagnostics reduce costly maintenance checks
  • Remote luminaire head assemblies (one or two) are available for mounting of luminaire heads away from main power system
  • Stainless steel drain minimizes moisture collection
  • Standard battery disconnect switch (Krydon® unit)