Industrial High Bay LED Series Luminaires

Industrial High Bay LED Luminaires are the perfect replacement for 250W-1,500W+ HID and 2-10 lamp T8, T12 and T5HO fluorescent high bay fixtures.  The IHB is ideal for the following applications:

  • Locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels
  • Areas requiring frequent on-and-off of lights
  • Areas that are difficult to relamp or that cause production to be stopped during the lamp maintenance process
  • Ordinary clean, light industrial production facilities, packaging facilities and warehouses
Models IHB16L; IHB24L; IHB32L; IHB48L; IHB64L
Lumens* 16,900; 25,350; 33,800; 50,700; 67,600 *Preliminary typical values +/- 10%. Data subject to change.
Wattages 145W; 216W; 289W; 436W; 582W
Lumens Per Watt (LPW) 117
Housing and Heat Sink Material Anodized aluminum
LED Assembly Material Polycarbonate
LED Lens Material Tempered glass or polycarbonate
Mounting Options 3/4" pendant mount; jack chain; aircraft cable


  • High efficacy: up to 117 LPW
  • 80 CRI
  • Up to 67% energy savings over traditional HID fixtures
  • Complete portfolio replaces 250W-1,500W+ HID and 2-10 lamp T8, T12 and T5HO fluorescent lamps
  • Customer payback of 1-3 years and lower total cost of ownership compared to HID and fluorescent lamps
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Optional 0-10V dimming capabilities
  • Damp location rated
  • Operating ambient: -40°C to +60°C*
  • 5 year fixture warranty†

*5 year warranty at 40°C average operating ambient temperature.
†Refer to page 2 of the most current authorized distributor price book for Eaton's standard Terms and Conditions.