EV LED Series Explosionproof LED Lighting

Class I, Division 1 factory sealed LED luminaire for general illumination

The EV LED is built to perform effectively and economically in areas that may be difficult to service, expensive to shut down, or any location requiring an increased degree of safety.  Compared with conventional lighting, the EV LED consumes up to 85% less energy and typically lasts as long as 50,000 hours or more.

Mounting Styles Pendant mount; ceiling mount; wall mount; bulkhead mount; stanchion mount
Hub Sizes 3/4"; 1"; 1 1/4"
Wattages 15W; 30W; 36W
Voltages 100-277 VAC or 12-24 VDC
Amperages 0.12A; 0.25A; 0.36A; 1.15A
Housing Material Copper-free aluminum with Corro-free epoxy powder coat
Globe Material Heat- and impact-resistant glass
Gasket Material Silicone


  • Instant illumination and restrike
  • Better visibility with crisp, white light
  • T6 temperature rating – safely operate in the most hazardous environments
  • Cold temperature operation/no warm-up required
  • Easy installation – compact modular fixture attaches onto existing Champ mounting module
  • Energy-efficient – up to 85% reduction in energy used
  • Provides up to 50,000 hours rated life – eliminates need for frequent lamp replacement
  • Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
  • Shock- and vibration-resistant solid state luminaires have no filaments or glass components that could break – greatly reduces the risk of premature failure
  • Operating ambient -30°C to 55°C (AC), -30°C to 40°C (DC)