Champ® Pro PVM Series LED Luminaires

Ideal for general high bay/low bay illumination

Champ® Pro PVM LED Series Luminaires are designed to provide full-spectrum, crisp, white light with custom IES Type I, III and V distribution.  Nine versions of the Champ Pro PVM LED are available, providing ideal solutions for a wide range of applications.

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Catalog Number Description
PVM3L2AR1/UNV1 PVM3L with Type I Optics
PVM3L2AR3/UNV1 PVM3L with Type III Optics
PVM3L2A/UNV1 PVM3L with Type V Optics
PVM5L2AR1/UNV1 PVM5L with Type I Optics
PVM5L2AR3/UNV1 PVM5L with Type III Optics
PVM5L2A/UNV1 PVM5L with Type V Optics
PVM7L2AR1/UNV1 PVM7L with Type I Optics
PVM7L2AR3/UNV1 PVM7L with Type III Optics
PVM7L2A/UNV1 PVM7L with Type V Optics
PVM9L2AR1/UNV1 PVM9L with Type I Optics
PVM9L2AR3/UNV1 PVM9L with Type III Optics
PVM9L2A/UNV1 PVM9L with Type V Optics
PVM11L2AR1/UNV1 PVM11L with Type I Optics
PVM11L2AR3/UNV1 PVM11L with Type III Optics
PVM11L2A/UNV1 PVM11L with Type V Optics
PVM13L2AR1/UNV1 PVM13L with Type I Optics
PVM13L2AR3/UNV1 PVM13L with Type III Optics
PVM13L2A/UNV1 PVM13L with Type V Optics
PVM17L2AR1/UNV1 PVM17L with Type I Optics
PVM17L2AR3/UNV1 PVM17L with Type III Optics
PVM17L2A/UNV1 PVM17L with Type V Optics
PVM21L2AR1/UNV1 PVM21L with Type I Optics
PVM21L2AR3/UNV1 PVM21L with Type III Optics
PVM21L2A/UNV1 PVM21L with Type V Optics
PVM25L2AR1/UNV1 PVM25L with Type I Optics
PVM25L2AR3/UNV1 PVM25L with Type III Optics
PVM25L2A/UNV1 PVM25L with Type V Optics