Champ® Pro PVM High Bay LED Luminaires

The Champ® Pro PVM LED High Bay Luminaire is a durable, high lumen and high ambient solution for complex industrial applications.  Constructed of heavy duty, die cast aluminum, the PVM delivers up to 85,000 lumens and is built to operate in up to 65ºC environments.

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Catalog Number
PVM60LMM/UNV2748 472W, Wide Optics, 5000K
PVM60LNMM/UNV2748 472W, Wide Optics, 4000K
PVM60LMMEW/UNV2748 472W, Extra Wide Optics, 5000K
PVM60LNMMEW/UNV2748 472W, Extra Wide Optics, 4000K
PVM60LMMM/UNV2748 472W, Medium Optics, 5000K
PVM60LNMMM/UNV2748 472W, Medium Optics, 4000K
PVM60LMMN/UNV2748 472W, Narrow Optics, 5000K
PVM60LNMMN/UNV2748 472W, Narrow Optics, 4000K
PVM85LMM/UNV2748 678W, Wide Optics, 5000K
PVM85LNMM/UNV2748 678W, Wide Optics, 4000K
PVM85LMMEW/UNV2748 678W, Extra Wide Optics, 5000K
PVM85LNMMEW/UNV2748 678W, Extra Wide Optics, 4000K
PVM85LMMM/UNV2748 678W, Medium Optics, 5000K
PVM85LNMMM/UNV2748 678W, Medium Optics, 4000K
PVM85LMMN/UNV2748 678W, Narrow Optics, 5000K
PVM85LNMMN/UNV2748 678W, Narrow Optics, 4000K