CCH UX Series LED Exit Signs

CCH UX LED Exit Signs are illuminated by LEDs, providing the customer with long-life, low maintenance, and dependability for use in conditions where reliability is crucial. Designed for the most severe environments, the CCH UX LED Exit Signs will provide maximum performance against rain, moisture, cold, corrosion, and dust in applications such as refineries, and petrochemical and chemical plants.

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IF Number Description
IF 1537 Revision 1 UX EXIT Series
IF 1538 Revision 2 UX EXIT Series - HAZ LED
IF 1539 Revision 1 UXUK Universal 2 Face Conversion Kit For Ceiling Canopy or End Mounting Canopy - UX Exit Sign Series
IF 1540 Revision 2 UX EXIT Series - HAZ LED, Self-Powered, Self-Diagnostic Battery Back-up