Champ® VMV High Wattage Series HID Luminaires

Champ® VMV High Wattage Luminaires are used:

  • For medium and high mounting heights
  • In applications where energy-efficient, high lumen output is required
  • In areas in which ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors will be present only due to abnormal, unusual, or accidental conditions
  • In installations where moisture, dirt, dust, vibration, corrosion and rough usage are problems
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IF Number Description
IF 210 Revision 4
Champ® H.I.D. Luminiares - VMV High Wattage Series 200 - 400 Watts
IF 587 Revision 1 R54-K1 Retrofit Kit
IF 1285 Revision 2
GR & R Series Glass Reflectors and PGR & PR Series Plastic Refractors for Champ® Luminaires
IF 1575 Revision 1 Champ® Quick-Clip for VMV, DMV, LMV and VMV High Wattage
IF 1682 Revision 2 CHMM1 Top Hat Adapter