Champ® N2MV Non-metallic HID Luminaires

Champ® N2MV Luminaires are used:

  • In areas where ignitable concentrations of flammable gases or vapors will be present due to abnormal, unusual or accidental conditions
  • Ideal for marine use: resists the harmful effects of salt water
  • Withstands harsh, corrosive environments
  • To provide low wattage spot and floodlighting
  • In areas where the ambient temperature will get as low as 40°C (-40°F)
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IF Number Description
IF 848 Revision 5
Connecting Multi-Volt (MT), Dual-Voltage (DT) and Tri-Voltage (TT) Fixture Leads to Field Wires
IF 1122 Revision 1 Ballast-Gard™ High Pressure Sodium Starter Cutout Switch
IF 1341 Revision 3 N2MV Series Non-Metallic Champ® H.I.D. Luminaires 50 - 175 Watts
IF 1377 Revision 2 N2MV Series Non-Metallic Champ® H.I.D. Fluorescent Luminaires
IF 1391 Revision 8 Restricted Breathing (S826) Addendum Champ® Lighting Fixtures
IF 1468 Revision 2 Replacement Ballast Kit for 70-150W HPS and 70-100W MH Champ®, EVLP, EVM Hazard•Gard®, and FZD Series Luminaires


Catalog Number Description
N2MVF039GP-RD739 39W; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVF052G-RD739 52W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector
N2MVF064G-RD739 64W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector

High Pressure Sodium

Catalog Number Description
N2MVS2A070G 70W; Guard Only
N2MVS2A070GP 70W; Globe and Guard
N2MVS2A070GPRD739 70W; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVS2A070GRD739 70W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector
N2MVS2A100G 100W; Globe Only
N2MVS2A100GP 100W; Globe and Guard
N2MVS2A100GP-RD739 100W; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVS2A100G-RD739 100W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector
N2MVS2A150G 150W; Globe Only
N2MVS2A150GP 150W; Globe and Guard
N2MVS2A150GP-RD739 150W; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVS2A150GR305 150W; Type 5 Refractor
N2MVS2A150G-RD739 150W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector

Metal Halide and Pulse Start Metal Halide

Catalog Number
N2MVM2A150GP-RD739-S828 150W; Pulse Start; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVM2A175G 175W; Globe Only
N2MVM2A175GP 175W; Globe and Guard
N2MVM2A175GP-RA739 175W; Globe and Guard; Angle Reflector
N2MVM2A175GP-RD739 175W; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVM2A175GP-RD739-S828 175W; Pulse Start; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
N2MVM2A175G-RD739 175W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector
N2MVM2A175G-S828 175W; Pulse Start; Globe Only
N2MVM2C175GR305 175W; Type 5 Refractor