Accessories for Champ® HID Luminaires - Globes, Guards, Reflectors & Refractors


Globes, guards, reflectors, and refractors are for use with Champ® HID Luminaires, including VMV, LMV, DMV, VMV High Wattage, and N2MV Series Luminaires.

Luminaire Series VMV; LMV; DMV; VMV High Wattage; N2MV
Quartz Auxiliary Lamp Optional
Instant Restrike Optional
Ballast-Gard™ Optional


  • Available accessories include globes, reflectors, guards, reflector/lens, teflon coated globes, refractors, and compact refractors, as well as various safety lighting options, such as quartz auxiliary lamps, instant restrike, and Ballast-Gard™ starter cut-out switch.