FVS Series Long Twin Tube Fluorescent Luminaires

FVS Luminaires are used:

  • Where low mounting heights or limited mounting room exists
  • For task-oriented lighting
  • Where a cool, efficient light source is required
  • In areas that require lamps to reach full illumination immediately
  • Where fluorescent lighting has been preferred, but unavailable due to limited space and practicality
Wattage 40
Hub Size 3/4"
Voltages 120-277V (50 or 60Hz); 347 (50 or 60 Hz)
Housing Material Corrosion-resistant die cast copper-free aluminum
Lens Material Shatter-resistant nylon (polycarbonate optional)
Gasket Material Silicone rubber
Hinge Material Aluminum
Closure Hardware Material Stainless steel


  • Compact, lightweight, low profile design is ideal for confined areas and tight corners
  • Reaches full illumination immediately and delivers light output equivalent to fixtures twice its size
  • Fast-Latch™ closure provides quick and easy access for relamping and maintenance – no tools necessary
  • Silicone sealing gasket provides exceptional watertight and dust-tight bond, providing excellent performance in wet and corrosive environments
  • Power disconnect switch (Eaton's Crouse-Hinds series ESWP) automatically cuts power to the lamps and ballast when the lens is opened
  • Shatter-resistant polymeric lens (0.125 thick) provides environmental and corrosion protection
  • Available in UNV (120-277) and 347 50/60 Hz voltages
  • Two lamp fixture, uses single-ended 40 watt lamps
  • Multiple mounting capability
  • Energy saving electronic ballast is standard

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