eLLK Series Non-metallic Fluorescent Luminaires

eLLK Series Luminaires are used:

  • In hazardous areas where moisture or corrosion may be a problem
  • In offshore oil platforms, pharmaceuticals, plants, oil refineries
  • Where battery back-up is critical
  • In non-hazardous and industrial locations
  • NEC & CEC:

                Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C, D

                Class I, Zone 1, Group IIC

                Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G (Canada)

                Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G (US)

                Class III, Simultaneous Presence (Cl. I and Cl. II)

  • UL Standard:

                1598 Luminaires

  • CSA Standard:

                E79 Series

  • ATEX Directive 94/9/EC:

                Ex II 2 G Ex de IIC T4

                Ex II 2 D Ex tD A21 IP66 T80°C

  • EC-Type Examination Certificate:

                BVS 09 ATEX E034