Champ® VMVF Series Fluorescent Luminaires

The ideal source for general illumination in harsh and hazardous areas.

Champ® VMVF Luminaires are used:

  • In refineries, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical plants, wastewater treatment facilities
  • In shipboard, drilling rigs, drilling platforms
  • In flour and feed mills, grain elevators, sugar and cocoa plants
  • In area/structure lighting, security lighting, parking areas
Lamp/Function Fluorescent; Fluorescent with battery back-up
Mounting Styles 1 1/2" Stanchion 25°; 1 1/2" Stanchion Straight; 3/4" Pendant; 1" Pendant; 3/4" Ceiling; 1" Ceiling; 3/4" Offset Pendant (low wattage only); 3/4" Wall Mount; 1" Wall Mount; 3/4" Quad Mount
Wattages 42W (VMVF) or 84W (DMVF/DMVFB)
Voltages 120-277V 50/60 Hz; 347V (for Canada)
Housing Material Copper-free aluminum (less than 0.4 of 1%)
Guard and Exterior Hardware Material Stainless steel
Reflector Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Globe Material Heat- and impact-resistant internally fluted glass


  • Instant-on luminaire eliminates flicker-free starting and increases safety and productivity
  • Luminaire components are of the same materials as standard VMV and DMV
  • Popular components are available from stock; offers visual consistency throughout installation
  • Compact fluorescent light fixture provides higher lumen output with increased color rendering index (CRI)
  • Energy-efficient universal ballast suitable for 120-277V 50/60Hz - minimum starting temperature of -18°C provides long lamp life and lamp end-of-life protection
  • UL marine rated, NEMA 4X/IP66 luminaire prevents water ingress and is suitable for the most adverse outdoor environments