Champ® DMVF Series Fluorescent Luminaires for Combustible Dusts

Champ® DMVF Luminaires are used:

  • In areas made hazardous by abnormal conditions resulting in the presence of flammable vapors or gases
  • Where combustible dusts and flammable vapors are present simultaneously
  • In marine applications where water spray and corrosive atmospheres are considerations
  • On installations where vibration and rough usage are problematic
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Catalog Number Description
DMVF2A052GP 52W; Globe and Guard
DMVF2A064GP 64W; Globe and Guard
DMVF2A064GR302 64W; Type 2 Refractor
DMVF2A064GR305 64W; Type 5 Refractor
DMVF2A084GP 84W; Globe and Guard
DMVF2C052GP-RA739 52W; Globe and Guard; 30º Reflector
DMVF2C052GP-RD739 52W; Globe and Guard; Dome Reflector
DMVF2C052G-RD739 52W; Globe Only; Dome Reflector