Champ® DMVF Series Fluorescent Luminaires for Combustible Dusts

Champ® DMVF Luminaires are used:

  • In areas made hazardous by abnormal conditions resulting in the presence of flammable vapors or gases
  • Where combustible dusts and flammable vapors are present simultaneously
  • In marine applications where water spray and corrosive atmospheres are considerations
  • On installations where vibration and rough usage are problematic
Mounting Styles Pendant Mount; Flexible Pendant Mount; Ceiling Mount Thru Feed; Wall Mount Thru Feed; Quad-Mount; Stanchion Mount 25° Angle; Stanchion Mount Straight
Hub Sizes 3/4"; 1"; 1 1/2"
Luminaire Wattages 52; 64; 84
Voltages 120-277V, 50-60 Hz; 347V, 60 Hz; 12, 24, and 125VDC
Housing Material Copper-free aluminum (less than 0.4 of 1%)
Exterior Hardware and Guard Material Stainless steel
Reflector Material Krydon® fiberglass-reinforced polyester
Globe Material Heat- and impact-resistant internally fluted glass


  • Housings made of die cast copper-free aluminum (less than 0.4 of 1% copper) for strength and resistance to corrosion
  • Mounting modules equipped with integral hub set screws for vibration resistance (ceiling, pendant, and quad mounts)
  • Hubs are provided with an integral conduit stop and bushing to help prevent damage to field wiring during installation
  • Epoxy powder finish and stainless steel external hardware for resistance to corrosion
  • Long-life gaskets which provide seals between mounting module, housing, and optical assembly
  • Grounding wire for safety
  • Cool operating design
  • Optional stainless steel open bottom guard permits direct access to the globe for easy relamping
  • Optional battery pack ballast for auxiliary lighting