Pauluhn™ ProMax Radia/al Series Linear Fluorescent Luminaires

Ideal for use in:

  • Marine and watertight requirements
  • Dusttight requirements
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wash pits
  • Pharmaceutical and additives formulation and processing
Lamp Lengths 2 feet or 4 feet
Number of Lamps 1 to 4
Lamp Types T5; T5HO; T8; T8HO; T12HO; CF
Voltages 120-277V 50/60 Hz (standard); 347V or 480V (optional)
Lamp Wattage T5 - 14W, 28W; T5HO - 24W, 54W; T8 - 17W, 32W; T8HO - 44W; T12HO - 35W, 60W; CF - 40W, 80W
Housing Material Type 5052H32 aluminum
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Battery Back-up Optional


  • Fluorescent system provides energy savings up to 50% when compared to HID
  • Multi-voltage electronic ballast resistant to brownouts or voltage and frequency fluctuations
  • Field replaceable stainless steel lens frame and latches
  • Flat or drop style lens versions with wide beam lumen dispersions of 140 to over 180 degrees
  • Lens frame hinged on side for easy lamp replacement
  • Adjustable mounting brackets allow 110º range of mounting positions
  • Shoc♦Loc™ bi-pin spring loaded lampholders for T5, T8, and T12 lamp types provide superior resistance to shock and vibration
  • Standard wall/ceiling mount style can be rotated on longitudinal axis for optimum light positioning
  • Neoprene gasket resists petroleum
  • Optional self-contained emergency battery back-up ballasts