Pauluhn™ Intrepid Series Linear Fluorescent Luminaires

The Pauluhn Intrepid is a low/mid bay linear fluorescent fixture for industrial and marine locations.  The Intrepid is available in aluminum, non-metallic and stainless steel housing materials, and is IP66 rated for moisture protection in hose down applications.

Ideal for use in:

  • Locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels
  • Marine applications, such as engine rooms, decks and walkways
  • Food and beverage processing facilities
  • Pulp and paper production facilities
  • Water/wastewater treatment facilities
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Catalog Series Description
FPS117_1626.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS117 1X17  T8 CEILING
FPS118_1234.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS118 1X18  T8 CEILING
FPS120_1272.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS120 1X20 T12 CEILING
FPS124_2290.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS124 1X24W  T5HO CEILING
FPS124XC_2291.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS124XC 1X24W T5HO CEILING
FPS132_1617.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS132  32W T8 CEILING
FPS140_1289.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS140  40W T12 CEILING
FPS154_2304.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS154 2' 1X54W T5HO  CEILING
FPS154XC_2305.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS154XC 2' 1X54W T5HO  CEILING
FPS160_1309.ies Intrepid Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS160 1X60W T12HO CEILING
FPS217_1625.ies Intrepid Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS217  2X17W T8 CEILING
FPS218_1235.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS218  2X18W T8 CEILING
FPS220_1270.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS220 2X20W CEILING
FPS224_2286.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS224 2X24W T5 CEILING
FPS224XC_2287.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS224XC 2' 2X24W CEILING
FPS232_1616.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS232  2X32W T8 CEILING
FPS235_1281.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS235 2X35W T12HO CEILING
FPS236_1285.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS236 C1D2 2X36W T8 CEILING
FPS240_1286.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS240 2X40W T12 CEILING
FPS254_2301.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS254 4' 2X54W T5HO CEILING
FPS254XC_2302.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS254XC  4' 2X54W T5HO CEILING
FPS260_1313.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS260  2X60W T12HO CEILING
FPS317_1620.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS317 3X17W T8 CEILING
FPS320_1236.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS320 3X20W T12 CEILING
FPS324_2289.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS324 2' 3X24W T5HO CEILING
FPS324XC_2288.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS324XC  2' 3X24W T5HO CEILING
FPS332_1611.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS332 3X32W T8 CEILING
FPS340_1283.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS340 3X40W T12 CEILING
FPS354_2298.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS354 4' 3X54W T5HO CEILING
FPS354XC_2299.ies Intrepid FAS/FSS/FPS354XC 4' 3X54W T5HO CEILING