Pauluhn™ ProFlood Achiever QA/al Floodlights

For use in:

  • Marine and watertight requirements
  • Dust-tight requirements
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Corrosive environments
Wattages Quartz Halogen - 300W; 500W; 1000W; 1500W
Hub Sizes One watertight cable gland and 6 feet of cable
Housing Material Copper-free aluminum
Yoke Material Stainless steel
Lens Material Tempered glass
Gasket Material Silicone
External Hardware Material Stainless steel
Available Accessories Guard (GRD); Top/Side Visor (TV)


  • 300 - 1500W quartz halogen
  • Rugged yoke mount floodlight with thermal shock-resistant tempered glass lens
  • High temperature silicone gasket provides a watertight seal
  • Wide NEMA 6x6 beam spread
  • Field replaceable lens and gasket
  • Protective guard available

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