Champ® Voyager nR™ Stainless Steel HID Floodlights

The only mogul base Class I, Division 2/Zone 2 stainless steel floodlight with restricted breathing as standard construction.

The Champ® Voyager nR™ Stainless Steel Floodlight offers the industry’s coolest temperature ratings so it can operate below the ignition temperature of vapors and gases in a classified area. This floodlight is ideal for marine, corrosive, and high temperature locations.

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IF Number Description
IF 1251 Revision 9
SFA6(SS) Slipfitter Adapter
IF 1401 Revision 2 SWB6 & SWB6 SS Wall Mount Bracket
IF 1475 Revision 6 Champ® Voyager nR Series Stainless Steel H.I.D. Floodlight 150 - 400 Watts
IF 1533 Revision 1 Champ® Voyager nR Stainless Steel Floodlight - Door Replacement Kit
Catalog Number Description
SSFMVMY175-S828 Pulse Start Metal Halide; 175W
SSFMVMY250-S828 Pulse Start Metal Halide; 250W
SSFMVMY400 Metal Halide; 400W
SSFMVMY400-S828 Pulse Start Metal Halide; 400W
SSFMVSY400 High Pressure Sodium; 400W